tRNA Model Base Pair Frequencies

Last modified on 17 July 2001.

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tRNA Reference Sequence: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Phe.

GenBank Accession #: K01553  

Alignments Used:

Code Descriptions # Sequences
Z Type 1 tRNAs 895
A Alanine tRNAs 64
R Arginine tRNAs 62
N Asparagine tRNAs 35
D Aspartic Acid tRNAs 35
C Cysteine tRNAs 19
X Methionine Initiator tRNAs 65
E Glutamic Acid tRNAs 49
Q Glutamine tRNAs 35
G Glycine tRNAs 69
H Histidine tRNAs 38
I Isoleucine tRNAs 56
K Lysine tRNAs 53
M Methionine tRNAs 36
F Phenylalanine tRNAs 54
P Proline tRNAs 55
T Threonine tRNAs 49
W Tryptophan tRNAs 30
Y Tyrosine tRNAs 47
V Valine tRNAs 65