Last modified on 08 July 2013.


RNA structure models, their history and development, and the terminology used to discuss RNA Structure.

Explanation of Content:

1A. Current Structure Models for Reference Organisms

RNA structure model each based upon a single reference sequence chosen as the most representative for that molecule

1B. Evolution of the Noller-Woese-Gutell 16S and 23S rRNA Comparative Structure Models

Improvements in our covariation-based comparative structure models documented by the presence or absence of every proposed base pair in each version of the 16S and 23S rRNA models

1C. RNA Structure Definitions

Descriptions and illustrations of the basic building blocks (or motifs) in the RNA structure models presented at the CRW Site

1D. Methods: Structure Prediction with Comparative Sequence Analysis

An overview of the methods used to develop these RNA structure models.

1E. Modeling the Comparative Structure of Ribosomal RNAs in the 1980s

The early modeling and visualization methods use to develop these RNA structure models.