Last modified on 09 September 2005.

Literature Reference:

Müller K.M., Ellenor D.W., Sherwood A.R., Sheath R.G., Cannone J.J., and Gutell, R.R. (2005)
Evidence for Lateral Transfer of an IE Intron Between Fungal and Red Algal Small Subunit rRNA Genes.
Journal of Phycology, 41:380-390.

Manuscript Figures and Appendix:

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Additional Information:

Sequence Alignments: Group IE Introns:
(Nexus file only contains analyzed columns)
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Sequence List HTML
Secondary Structure Diagrams: Cryptendoxyla hypophloia [AF015912] IE (S0989) PS | PDF
Hildenbrandia rubra [L19345] 18S rRNA PS | PDF
IC1 (S1506) PS | PDF
Metarhizium anisopliae [AF197121] IE (L2066) PS | PDF