Last modified on 03 September 2004.

Literature Reference:

Vernon D., Gutell R.R., Cannone J.J., Rumpf R.W., and Birky C.W. Jr. (2001).
Accelerated Evolution of Functional Plastid rRNA and Elongation Factor Genes Due to Reduced Protein Synthetic Load After the Loss of Photosynthesis in the Chlorophyte Alga Polytoma.
Molecular Biology and Evolution. 18(9):1810-1822.

Figures and Legends:

Structure diagram figures are available in PostScript (PS) and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) formats.
# Description Figure
1 16S rRNA Secondary Structure Models: (Legend 1).
a) Polytoma uvella (AF374189). PS | PDF
b) Polytoma obtusum (AF374187). PS | PDF
c) Polytoma oviforme (AF374188). PS | PDF
d) Chlamydomonas humicola (AF374186). PS | PDF
2 16S rRNA sequence alignments (Legend 2).
a) GenBank Format. GenBank
c) Printable Format. PS | PDF
3 16S rRNA Secondary Structure Comparison: 3 Polytoma vs. Chloroplast Consensus (Legend 3).
a) 16S rRNA Secondary Structure Comparison: 3 Polytoma vs. Chloroplast Consensus. PS | PDF
b) List of Sequences Used in 16S rRNA Chloroplast Consensus Diagram HTML
c) Sequence Alignment Used for Chloroplast Consensus Diagram GenBank | PHYLIP
d) 16S rRNA Consensus: Three Domains/Two Organelles PS | PDF
e) 16S rRNA Consensus: Three Domains PS | PDF
f) 16S rRNA Consensus: Chloroplasts PS | PDF
4 16S rRNA Secondary Structure Comparison: P.obtusum vs. P.uvella (Legend 4). PS | PDF