Last modified on 11 December 2002.

Literature Reference:

Lee J.C., Cannone J.J., and Gutell R.R. (2003).
The Lonepair Triloop: A New Motif in RNA Structure
Running Title: Lonepair Triloop Motifs in RNA Structure
Journal of Molecular Biology, 325:65-83.

Manuscript Figures and Tables:

Fig. 1. LPTLs on Secondary Structure Diagrams PS | PDF
Fig. 2. Classification of Lonepair Triloops PS | PDF
Fig. 3. Gallery of LPTL-Containing RNA Fragments PS | PDF
Fig. 4. Stereo Images of Representative LPTLs PS | PDF
Table 1. Analysis of Lonepair Triloops (LPTLs) in rRNA and tRNA Sequences and Structures TABLE
Table 2. Distribution of Lonepair Base-pair Types with Loop Types and Lonepair Conformations TABLE
Table 3. Single Nucleotide Frequencies of LPTL Nucleotides in the Three Phylogenetic Domains (rRNA) or Type I tRNAs TABLE
Table 4. Further Grouping of Class I and II LPTLs Based on the LPTL-RNA Interaction Pattern TABLE

Additional Information:

#s: nucleotide position numbering systems used in the figure or table. B, both E. coli and crystal structure numbering (except tRNA); C, crystal structure sequence numbering only; E, E. coli numbering only.
  #s 16S rRNA 23S rRNA 5S rRNA tRNA
Gallery of Lonepair Conformations in LPTLs -- PS | PDF
Solvent Accessible Surface Areas (SASAs) for LPTL Nucleotides -- TABLE
LPTLs and Their Interactions on Secondary Structure Diagrams B PS | PDF 5': PS | PDF
3': PS | PDF
Conservation Structure Diagrams with Lonepair Triloops Marked Three Phylogenetic Domains (3P) E PS | PDF 5': PS | PDF
3': PS | PDF
Three Phylogenetic Domains and Two Organelles (3P2O) E PS | PDF 5': PS | PDF
3': PS | PDF
Structural Features, Nucleotide Frequency Tables, and RasMol Scripts for Lonepairs and Triloops B Table of Structural Characteristics and Conservation Information for Lonepairs and Triloops
Nucleotide Frequency Tables for Tertiary Interactions (Base Pairs (BP) | Base Triples (BT)) C BP | BT BP | BT BP  | BT BP
RasMol Scripts: Three-Dimensional Distribution of Ribosomal LPTLs Wireframe Model C 16S (1FJF) 23S + 5S (1JJ2)  
Spacefilling Model C 16S (1FJF) 23S + 5S (1JJ2)