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Literature Reference:

Cannone J.J., Sweeney B.A., Petrov A.I., Gutell R.R., Zirbel C.L., and Leontis N.B. (2015).
R3D-2-MSA: the RNA 3D Structure-to-Multiple Sequence Alignment Server.
Nucleic Acids Research, 43(W1):W15-W23.
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Manuscript Figures and Table:

Description Figure
Figure 1: Block diagram of the R3D-2-MSA process. JPG
Figure 2: Schematic representation of Lookup and Data Alignments used by R3D-2-MSA. JPG
Figure 3: Web page for manual input to the R3D-2-MSA server to select nucleotide ranges corresponding to an internal loop from E. coli SSU rRNA (PDB file 2AW7). JPG
Figure 4: The first two sections of the HTML output page, showing the Query Information component, including the alignment download option and the 3D viewer, and the Sequence Summary component. JPG
Figure 5: The Sequence Details component of the HTML output page, showing two separate rows of the output. JPG
Table 1: RNA 3D structures currently mapped to alignments and available on R3D-2-MSA, by PDB ID and organism. JPG