Last modified on 21 May 2007.

From this page, you may download larger collections of secondary structure information. Each of these collections is a gzipped tar file that contains structure information files in a selected file type.

Contents of This Page:

Available File Types:

Extension Description Pseudoknots Included?
bpseq BasePair SEQuence file YES
alden Alden structural annotation YES
rnaml RNA Markup Language YES
ct Zuker connect table file YES
nopct Zuker connect table file NO
bracket Vienna package bracket notation NO

rRNA Structure/Basepair Information:

Subset # Sequences bpseq alden rnaml ct nopct bracket
Archaeal 60bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Bacterial 1,320bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Eukaryotic (nuclear) 2,304bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
16S rRNA
Actinobacteria 4,524bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Aquificae 336bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Bacilli 7,000bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Clostridium 972bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Mollicutes 585bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Alphaproteobacteria 3,634bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket

tRNA Structure/Basepair Information:

Subset # Sequences bpseq alden rnaml ct nopct bracket
Alanine tRNA (trnA) 4,569bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Cysteine tRNA (trnC) 725bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Aspartic Acid tRNA (trnD) 1,441bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Glutamic Acid tRNA (trnE) 1,902bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Phenylalanine tRNA (trnF) 7,620bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Glycine tRNA (trnG) 2,643bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Histidine tRNA (trnH) 1,763bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Isoleucine tRNA (trnI) 4,653bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Lysine tRNA (trnK) 1,851bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Methionine tRNA (trnM) 1,792bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Asparagine tRNA (trnN) 1,254bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Proline tRNA (trnP) 1,426bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Glutamine tRNA (trnQ) 1,187bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Tryptophan tRNA (trnW) 781bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket
Tyrosine tRNA [Type 1] (trnY1) 183bpseqaldenrnamlctnopctbracket