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Literature Reference:

Alverson A.J., Cannone J.J., Gutell R.R., and Theriot E.C. (2006)
The Evolution of Elongate Shape in Diatoms
Journal of Phycology, 42:655-668.
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Manuscript Figures and Table:

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Additional Information:

Sequence Alignments:

Alignment Format
189-Taxon: AE2 | GenBank | Nexus
40-Taxon: Nexus

Secondary Structure Model Diagrams:

Organism [Accession Number] Diagram
Achnanthes bongranii [AJ535150] PS | PDF
Amphora cf. capitellata [AJ535158] PS | PDF
Asterionellopsis kariana [Y10568] PS | PDF
Aulacoseira ambigua [X85404] PS | PDF
Aulacoseira baicalensis [AJ535186] PS | PDF
Chaetoceros sp. [AF145226] PS | PDF
Corethron criophilum [X85400] PS | PDF
Coscinodiscus radiatus [X77705] PS | PDF
Cymatosira belgica [X85387] PS | PDF
Diatoma tenue [AJ535143] PS | PDF
Ditylum brightwellii [X85386] PS | PDF
Encyonema triangulatum [AJ535157] PS | PDF
Fragilaria cf. islandica [AJ535190] PS | PDF
Fragilaria striatula [X77704] PS | PDF
Grammatophora marina [AY216906] PS | PDF
Lauderia borealis [X85399] PS | PDF
Leptocylindrus danicus [AJ535175] PS | PDF
Lithodesmium undulatum [Y10569] PS | PDF
Melosira varians [X85402] PS | PDF
Odontella sinensis [Y10570] PS | PDF
Pleurosira cf. laevis [AJ535188] PS | PDF
Porosira pseudodenticulata [X85398] PS | PDF
Pseudogomphonema sp. p382 [AJ535152] PS | PDF
Rhaphoneis belgicae [X77703] PS | PDF
Sellaphora pupula f. capitata [AJ535155] PS | PDF
Skeletonema costatum [X85395] PS | PDF
Stephanopyxis nipponica [M87330] PS | PDF
Thalassionema sp. p474 [AJ535140] PS | PDF
Thalassiosira antarctica [AF374482] PS | PDF
Thalassiosira eccentrica [X85396] PS | PDF
Thalassiosira pseudonana [AF374481] PS | PDF
Toxarium undulatum [AF525668] PS | PDF
Undatella sp. p446 [AJ535163] PS | PDF
Bolidomonas mediterranea [AF123596] PS | PDF
Bolidomonas pacifica [AF123595] PS | PDF