Highlights / Data

Nucleotide frequency data is available for tRNA, 5S, 16S, and 23S rRNA, and the group I and group II (IIA and IIB) introns (for at least one of the three tables (single/pair/triple)). The percent abundances of single bases (four nucleotides + gap), base pairs (sixteen pair types + gap), and base triples (64 triple types + gap) are shown along with the number of sequences considered and the conservation value (for single bases and base triples) for different sets of sequences compiled into alignments. For the rRNAs, these sets are for different phylogenetic groups. For tRNA and the group I/II introns, these sets are for different structural categories. For base pairs and triples, three categories are/will be available: 1) Model (all base pairs/triples from the comparative structure model); 2) Lousy (previously proposed base pairs/triples that are not in our most recent model); and 3) Tentative (base pairs/triples with some comparative support that were not included in the comparative structure models).

Sample Base Pair Frequency Data Sample Collective Scoring Data
H-2A.1 H-2A.2