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Location T16S (N1:N2)N3 H23S (N1:N2)N3
H5S (N1:N2)N3
T16S-0165 (E16S-0171) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-0166 (E16S-0172) (G:C)A -- I
T16S-0201 (E16S-0195) (U:A)A -- II
T16S-0202 (E16S-0196) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0257 (E16S-0262) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-0277 (E16S-0282) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0348 (E16S-0353) (G:C)A -- I
T16S-0466 (E16S-0482) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0492 (E16S-0509) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-0493 (E16S-0510) (G:C)A -- I
T16S-0555 (E16S-0572) (G:C)A -- I
T16S-0556 (E16S-0573) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-0557 (E16S-0574) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0604 (E16S-0621) (G:G)A -- II
T16S-0605 (E16S-0622) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0679 (E16S-0696) (G:C)A -- II
T16S-0711 (E16S-0728) (G:G)A -- II
T16S-0712 (E16S-0729) (G:C)A -- I
T16S-0749 (E16S-0766) (G:U)A -- II
T16S-0750 (E16S-0767) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0841 (E16S-0864) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0935 (E16S-0958) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-0936 (E16S-0959) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-0993 (E16S-1015) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-0994 (E16S-1016) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-1062 (E16S-1080) (A:A)A -- I
T16S-1150 (E16S-1169) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-1151 (E16S-1170) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-1219 (E16S-1238) (G:C)A -- II
T16S-1249 (E16S-1268) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-1250 (E16S-1269) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-1268 (E16S-1287) (G:C)A -- II
T16S-1269 (E16S-1288) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-1314 (E16S-1333) (A:U)A -- II
T16S-1380 (E16S-1398) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-1415 (E16S-1433) (C:G)A -- II
T16S-1416 (E16S-1434) (C:G)A -- I
T16S-1496 (E16S-1519) (C:G)A -- I
H23S-0048 (E23S-0052) -- (U:A)A I
H23S-0069 (E23S-0073) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0098 (E23S-0103) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0152 (E23S-0182) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-0160 (E23S-0190) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-0161 (E23S-0191) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0169 (E23S-0199) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-0186 (E23S-0216) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-0193 (E23S-0223) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0242 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-0243 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0306 (E23S-0300) -- (U:A)A I
H23S-0439 (E23S-0432) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-0449 (E23S-0443) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0472 (E23S-0466) -- (A:U)A I
H23S-0520 (E23S-0514) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-0521 (E23S-0515) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0532 (E23S-0526) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0536 (E23S-0530) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0551 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-0552 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0565 (-NH-) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-0566 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0580 (E23S-0548) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-0643 (E23S-0586) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0665 (E23S-0608) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-0666 (E23S-0609) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0682 (E23S-0621) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0692 (E23S-0631) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-0698 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0736 (E23S-0644) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-0737 (E23S-0645) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0766 (E23S-0675) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-0767 (E23S-0676) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-0867 (E23S-0774) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-0874 (E23S-0781) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1006 (E23S-0910) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1007 (E23S-0911) -- (U:A)A I
H23S-1058 (E23S-0960) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-1078 (E23S-0980) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-1079 (E23S-0981) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1081 (E23S-0983) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1082 (E23S-0984) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1097 (E23S-1000) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1098 (E23S-1001) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1107 (E23S-1010) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1132 (E23S-1028) -- (A:U)A II
H23S-1152 (E23S-1048) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1188 (E23S-1084) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1232 (E23S-1128) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1318 (E23S-1214) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-1329 (E23S-1225) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1330 (E23S-1226) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1458 (E23S-1352) -- (A:U)A II
H23S-1459 (E23S-1353) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1486 (E23S-1379) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-1492 (E23S-1383) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1493 (E23S-1384) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1501 (E23S-1392) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1572 (E23S-1469) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-1573 (E23S-1470) -- (A:U)A I
H23S-1615 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1616 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1631 (E23S-1536) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-1632 (E23S-1537) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1658 (E23S-1571) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-1858 (E23S-1802) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1859 (E23S-1803) -- (C:G)A I??
H23S-1865 (E23S-1809) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-1866 (E23S-1810) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1909 (E23S-1853) -- (A:U)A II
H23S-1930 (E23S-1889) -- (U:A)A II
H23S-1931 (E23S-1890) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1968 (E23S-1927) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-1969 (E23S-1928) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-1994 (E23S-1953) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2007 (E23S-1966) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-2010 (E23S-1969) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-2011 (E23S-1970) -- (U:G)A II
H23S-2022 (E23S-1981) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-2361 (E23S-2327) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2394 (E23S-2357) -- (G:C)A II
H23S-2599 (E23S-2564) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-2600 (E23S-2565) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2633 (E23S-2598) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2775 (E23S-2740) -- (C:G)A II
H23S-2776 (E23S-2741) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-2827 (E23S-2810) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2827 (E23S-2810) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2875 (-NH-) -- (G:C)A I
H23S-2883 (-NH-) -- (C:G)A I
H23S-2906 (E23S-2883) -- (C:G)A I
H05S-0003 (E23S-0005) -- (C:G)A I